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Value Added Services

Value-added services are those which complement and enhance warehousing, transportation, and logistics offerings. LIST can offer our clients these services that enhance and complement our customers demands. While storing and shipping products is the backbone of any reliable 3PL, customers often require more support — and LIST is ready to deliver those services. 

Value-Added Services enables deferred manufacturing preparation of store-ready pallets, light assembly, and kitting right in the distribution center. It facilitates personalization and other product enhancements, single and multi-station kitting and assembly, packaging and labeling operations for existing products, and complex final assembly operations for customer-specific products. Pre-packs and assortments, transfers to and returns from third-party packagers, and custom pallet builds are also accommodated.

Contact LIST and learn what we can offer beyond typical logistics services.

Services Include:

  • Assembly and Subassembly Programs

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Reverse Logisitcs

  • Labeling

  • Packaging Services

  • Returns and Inventory Management

  • Material Supply Programs

  • Kitting

  • Return Inspection and Disposition

  • Delivery to Assembly Lines

  • De-trash and Recycle

  • Bundling/Unbundling

Please contact LIST today to learn how we can assist with your logistics demands!

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