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Performing different tasks for different customers concurrently is the challenge of building a successful logistics operation. Flexibility, visibility, scalability and security are all critical elements of a software platform as it relates to servicing our clients' diverse technological requirements.

LIST understands these requirements.

By the nature of our business we need to offer custom technology solutions to our clients. To do so, we require broad based knowledge with the understanding and know-how to deliver these solutions. LIST utilizes world-class, industry-standard supply chain management technology to ensure a consistent, secure operating environment for our operations.

LIST empowers companies to successfully aggregate, monitor and analyze shipments and inventory across a broad spectrum of business units, suppliers, and enterprises. It helps companies reduce their inventories, and pro-actively improve supply chain efficiency and performance.

LIST's software is a hosted suite of products and applications designed to collect information from multiple locations and sources including warehouse management systems, purchasing systems, transportation systems, retail, manufacturing and virtually any supply chain distribution system. It is available to gather and disperse information via the web, telecommunications, EDI and through host business systems. It is designed to provide manufacturing companies, logistics service providers, distributors, shippers and retailers detailed updates on the events and exceptions that occur in complex supply chain execution.

It is a real-time RF based WMS (Warehouse Management System) used throughout the entire process within our network of facilities. Each client is configured to meet the requirements needed to accomplish their processes. We meet the compliance requirements of most the tier one companies and can quickly develop/customize labeling and documentation to meet additional/new requirements. Our WMS is a Microsoft .Net system using the SQL Server technology. We offer clients secure online access to their inventory, reports and billing with up to the moment accuracy.

Our software has the following functionality to assure that we can meet your needs:

  • Receiving (pallets, cartons and small parcel)

  • Putaway

  • Location management

  • Product/SKU management

  • Lot, serial number, date control

  • Order processing

  • Picking (pallets, cartons and small parcel)

  • Packing

  • Kitting

  • Replenishment

  • Cycle counting / Inventory control

  • Cross docking

  • Equipment interfaces to pick-to-light, conveyor and sortation

  • WMS Web Access to warehouse performance

  • Advanced box or container sizing / building integrated

  • Item analysis services such as usage, history, etc.


Please contact LIST today to learn how we can assist with your logistics demands!

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