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Transportation Management

LIST offers scalable transportation management service options for our clients. From locating resources at your site to managing your business from one of our facilities, we have the experience, infrastructure and skills necessary to manage and augment your bandwidth without increasing cost.

Logistics networks are dynamic entities, impacted by a spectrum of variables (from fuel costs to changes in customers, products and their respective needs). Helping ensure that your logistics network is optimized is our mission, and proactively managing the logistics network is at the core of our strategy to achieve this success.

LIST utilizes a wide range of multimodal carriers. We apply the appropriate modes and carriers to meet your service and cost requirements. We evaluate all the carrier options, find the right price/performance combination, and execute the shipment to meet your specific objectives. By leveraging the buying power of our expansive transportation activity, LIST is able to obtain more capacity for its customers than they could individually. This benefit is especially important for companies that have critical needs during peak seasons and end-of-quarter surges.

Contact us and our logistics team will work with you to understand your network, help uncover systematic inefficiencies, and design/deliver a solution set that helps to optimize your network.

Services Include:

  • Carrier Management and Route Selection

  • Multimodal Rating and Execution

  • Routing Compliance

  • Shipment/Product Visibility

  • Fuel Programs

  • Cross-docking

  • Transloading Services


Please contact LIST today to learn how we can assist with your logistics demands!

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