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Today’s businesses, small and large, need to constantly focus on their core competencies — developing, marketing, and selling new and innovative products and services for their customers. Managing inventory, fulfilling orders and tracking shipments are simply a distraction from these core functions.

Enter LIST Logistics.


When a company decides to outsource logistics operations (in whole or in part), LIST is ready to guide them through this complicated and stressful time. From meeting our clients’ distribution and warehousing challenges to optimizing networks and creating product-level visibility, LIST is driving business success — effectively managing the supply chain with broad based experience and expertise.

LIST takes full responsibility for the complete outsourcing of the logistics function including procurement of service providers. We have the expertise to manage resources, value delivery processes and technology in order to allow our clients to totally outsource their logistics management activity.

Please contact LIST today to learn how we can assist with your logistics demands!

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